UNESCO – Connect2Socotra

Connect 2 Socotra (#connect2socotra) campaign

In order to raise awareness on the rich and distinct natural and cultural heritage on Socotra, UNESCO Office for the GCC and Yemen is collaborating with the Friends of Socotra to organize a series of awareness events around the world. From October to December 2019, major museums, botanical gardens, academic institutes and other organizations around the world that host historically important collections and advise or stimulate ongoing projects in relation to Socotra will organize various events such as natural history/photography exhibitions, public talks and lectures, workshops, film screenings etc. The purpose of the campaign will be to connect the world to Socotra, and connect Socotra to the world.

The objectives of the campaign are:

  • To raise international awareness on the great richness and the vulnerability of the unique biodiversity of the Socotra Archipelago and the importance and methods of its conservation;
  • To raise international awareness on the richness of the Socotra’s unique intangible heritage, in particular about knowledge and practices related to nature, as well as about the Socotri language;
  • To raise awareness among organizations concerning further research climate change impact on the Archipelago’s biodiversity and propose mitigation measures;
  • To strengthen the network of and dialogue between international and local experts working on the protection of Socotra and other remote islands in the world affected by global ecological issues;
  • To support the efforts of the Environment Protection Authority on Socotra in preserving and promoting biodiversity;
  • To identify follow-up actions to be taken for further preservation of the Archipelago’s natural and cultural heritage.

The campaign will be facilitated by UNESCO and Friends of Socotra, in collaboration with organizations from around the world. UNESCO proposes the Connect 2 Socotra Campaign to take place from the first week of October to end December 2019. The exact dates should be decided together with participating organizations during the FoS Meeting (27 – 28th September 2019) and the Socotra in Sicilia event in Palermo (up to October 6th, 2019).

Connect 2 Socotra will be launched at the Botanic Garden of Palermo, the first to host the campaign, and from there it will travel to several botanic gardens all over Europe and the world.